Michelle Messer

Ever since I can recall I loved looking at pictures.  I would beg my mother to open up the trunk she kept locked of photo albums so I could look through them.  I was able to look at those photos and they were able to take me back to that exact moment in time.  I was too young to really remember my Grandaddy Wallace, but once I saw a picture of me and him, I swear I can remember every little detail. 

That’s what photography is to me, it is capturing memories for a lifetime.  Those memories of a special time and place in your life that you will be able to look back on, and your children can look back on, and their children can look back on. 

I love the fact that photography has such a technical background and really makes me think but it also lets me use my creativity.  I’ve never been one that could draw or paint but give me a few random objects and I can create just about anything.  That’s what the camera lets me do. I can create an image, a feeling, and a memory that you will be able to keep for a lifetime.